Ear Candy

All items made with polymer clay are surprising very lightweight and easy to wear. All earrings are hand created with first drawing out the designs I have in mind for the shapes and colors I am thinking of. I custom create colors by mixing different colors of clay to create the color I want (this is where being a master cosmetologist and make up artist comes in handy; the hours of training with the color wheel is still useful).

After the colors have been achieved and the designs have been made the pieces are hand cut, baked and then sanded by hand, drilled and assembled. Assembling is adding the jump rings and attaching the studs. All studs are attached using liquid clay to make sure they do not come off.Β Β 

All pieces are made with hypoallergenic fixtures. All items in shop are handmade from the hand stamped jewelry cards, to the hand stamped tissue paper your order is wrapped with.Β 

All scraps (meaning the clay that is left over from the collections created) are saved and used to create new colors. We do not throw away any clay; we use it all.Β Β 

All collections are made with love and care.Β